The UN estimates that, by 2025, about 1.8 billion people will live in countries or regions facing water scarcity
and as much as two-thirds of the world´s population could be facing water stress.
Only 3% of the world´s water is fresh and only 0.3% is available as flowing surface water.

We aim to contribute to solve this problem. We have a patented invention, which we call the "Balthazar machine".
Do you remember the good, old, friendly professor Balthazar, who saved the world from various problems with his
machine that always produced some magical drops of fluid. When we first produced the design sketches of our
machine, we immediately saw the similarities...

The project goal is to develop a fairly small scale water purifier that can be powered by the lowest form of energy (heat).
This means solar power or dumped exhaust from existing processes. Energy efficiency shall be state of the art.
The end product will be low-tech enough to be deployed and maintained in developing countries.


The H2O project has been ongoing for more than a decade now. We are currently building the first prototype. We are not looking for investors at this stage and the plan is to take this to industrial mass production! Below is the first lab prototype running in early 2010. The machine is currently being redesigned with a new reactor containment, better instrumentation and a new heat-transfer pathway.
Running 1 1024.jpg (185024 bytes)